Me!Bath - Vanilla Purity Shower Sherbet

Wow, this is the largest pot of scrub I ever had. Seriously, 500 g of scrub? That's a lot. I won this product with a contest on SnowWhiteGlamour, along with some other goodies which you can view here. And here!

The lid on this pot is not very air or moist proof. In fact, when I got this, the lid was only still half on it. Luckily there's a seal that keeps in the product or my package would've been one big sticky mess. I still have to be careful how I store this in the bathroom, I don't want to tip it over or something. Luckily, the substance isn't runny at all so it wouldn't make a huge mess. It's like a very dense gel substance, something I have never came across before. You really need to dig in your fingers in it to get some product. It's a sugar scrub, so the grains of the scrub aren't on the rough side. You can feel a gentle scrub, not too soft and not too hard. It's perfect for my arms. It also foams just a little bit, which is nice because it feels like you're hydrating the skin at the same time. Be sure to rinse this off thoroughly, I missed a spot once and it was SUPER sticky! It does leave my skin slightly hydrated, but not enough. I do think it's a great base to put the Body Icing on. That way you also built up the scent. And you really want to do that, since it's a super sweet vanilla one.

- gentle scrub
- slightly hydrating
- lovely vanilla scent
- large pot

- not so effective packaging
- price may be a bit on the high side, but you get a lot of product ( $28 on Me!Bath / €25,41 on BeautyQueen)

I really like this scrub for my arms, it's a perfect balance between rough and gentle. As for other parts of my body, I like a more rough scrub I think. The scent also lingers for a while, without using other products. I'm having the same dilemma as with the Body Icing. It's a bit expensive, but I like the product. Is it worth the splurge?



  1. HMMMMM<3
    OMG, zo lekker. Ik wil hem ook. Wel een prijzig product, maar als je ziet wat je ervoor krijgt. Liefs, xxxxx

  2. Ziet er zo goed uit! Ik wil hem ook :)

  3. wow this looks amazing. i can smell it from here.

  4. Erg mooi gedaan! (gevonden via noxa ^^)

    x Je suis Sophie

  5. amai mongool da ik ben :D was dus op de post met uw ogen op bedoelt :D