Personal + Sephora prijzencircus at V&D

Last Thursday, my friend T and me went for a quick shopping trip to one of my favorite cities, Maastricht. I said quick, because the one big reason why we went is for the Prijzencircus V&D has every now and then. Prijzencircus, that's right. I'm not even going to try and make a *¨% of myself trying to translate that word in English! For Sephora, it basically means you get to choose 3 random products and pay 10 euros for it. I got some stuff for me and my mom, normal price was 107 euros, and I paid 30. Now that's a steal! I forgot the face primer on the picture, woops. We also stopped at Lush (ofcourse..) and at MAC, because I'm running out of the brush cleanser I love so much.

I also got to choose some items as a birthday gift from my friend, so sweet! Jup, it has been my birthday. Boo, I hate growing older (or growing up?). Anyway, something I have been super exited about is a gig I went to the night before my birthday. I saw The Kills live at Trix Antwerp, it was amaaaaazing. O, and I got this super cool shirt. And I'm making a dumb face in the picture, but I don't really care. Duckfaaace.

Tomorrow I'm going on a school trip to Cologne. I'm also planning on doing some shopping if we get the time off for it. Even though it's not that far from home, I'm really exited to be going there again. They have Dunkin' Donuts! Ö nomnom.

Until next time!
Michelle xo

Winter favorites

I know I'm long due to this post! Spring has started almost a week ago, but here's a post about some products that I've loved (and am still loving) during the icy winter months.

First some make-up products. I've used the Naked Palette from Urban Decay almost every day since I got it, but I already mentioned that one in my fall favorites post. However, I'm totally hooked on the 24/7 eye pencil in zero. It stays on way longer than any other pencil I've used in the past. I hit pan on the Courtly eyeshadow from the Pedigreed Palace palette from the Fabulous Felines collection that came out around September. I looove this colour! It's great to put all over the lid and then some darker colour in the crease. I haven't used the fluidline in Dark Diversion as an eyeliner that much, but more as a purple base and I love how it looks. And then there's the Rosebud Salve, which I love in spite that it wears off that quickly.

Some months ago I bought a Give me liberty of London polish, in Blue India on a blogsale. I've been wearing it so much, it really goes with anything and looks great against my pale hands. London's Weather Forecast from Catrice and Evening Seduction from China Glaze are some older polishes I have, but they served me well in the Winter months.

The one thing that is so important to have in Winter (and well, basically every season) is a good moisturizing body lotion. Way back in Summer I won some Body Icing from Me!Bath in Vanilla Purity, and it is an amazing product. It is so rich and moisturizing, I don't think I ever used anything other like it. It makes my skin feel the softest ever and it smells divine. I'm almost running out of it, but I think I will buy this eventually. Yes, even if it's 22 euros. It is that good. O and of course, my good friend the Snow Fairy from Lush. It really is one of my favorite shower gels, it makes my bathroom smell like a candy store. I can't wait until next year to buy me the largest bottle there is, I'm so hooked on this but I'm afraid to use it. The day I run out of this will be a very sad day!

Sorry for the craptastic pictures, my camera was doing all weird kind of stuff. I'm kind of glad Winter is over now, I'm totally ready for Spring. But o how I hate Summer.. Can't I just skip it? Anyway, hope you liked my favorites (and maybe found some of yours in these as well). Time to hop in the shower with my Snow Fairy!


Spring Nails by H&M

Quick post about some polishes I picked up last weekend. I've been really busy with school and well, partying. So that's why I haven't been able to post as much as I want to. Lalala, excuses! On to the lacquers!

At H&M I found this cute little set of spring nail polishes. I just loved the colors too much not to pick it up. I paid about 4 euros for it, which is a good deal for 4 mini lacquers I think. It holds 4 colors: white, beige, brown and blue. Boring names, H&M! I just swatched these very quickly for you guys. All one coat, except for white and blue (which have 2). They were a bit watery, but almost completely opaque with one coat. I luuurve the brown one, it's almost a perfect camel for me.

I'm becoming a real polish addict. I think I might have to try one of those no-buy months.. ruh roh.