NOTD: China Glaze Evening Seduction

natural light

A while back, a Waxxa shop opened where I live. I went to check it out, and I was happy to find out they sell China Glaze polishes! They only had about 10 colors, I'm not sure if they were just out of stock or just didn't hold more colors. One polish is about 8 euros, which is more than I usually spend but I took one with me anyway. On their website they sell for 4,95, so I think that's lame. I bought 'Evening Seduction', a polish from the Visions of Grandeur collection. It's a very deep, dark purple colour, somewhere between burgundy and eggplant. I love it, it's perfect for fall and it has just enough red for it not to be a usual dark purple.

Application was a dream. Nice big brush, creamy formula and an okay drying time. What else do you need? More China Glaze polishes, that's right. I wore it with a base and topcoat and it lasted for 4 days without chipping or bad tip wear. I think that's pretty long, and because it's such a dark colour, the smallest chip is super visible. However, I also tried it without a base and topcoat, and it chipped right away within the hour. Too bad!


I think I'm getting better at painting my nails and cleanup. I started using a brush dipped in nail polish remover and it really makes a big difference. It's still not perfect, but I'm getting there?

xo Michelle


  1. Wauw, ik ben er wel weg van. De kleur alleen al. Het heeft iets. Liefs, xxx

  2. I think it's worth the 8 euros, it's just a beautiful color (: