Lush - Lemony Flutter

This product is so hyped on nail blogs. So obviously, I just had to try it. My hands, fingers and cuticles are the driest ever.

You get 50 g for 9,50 euros, which is a normal price in my opinion. A lot of people are talking about the pot being to big and not ever being able to use all of the product before it goes over date. Well, not for me! I love this stuff so much I'm using it on other dry patches on my body, like my knees, elbows and feet. And don't even think about walking around in the house after rubbing this on you feet, you will slip and almost break a leg.. Woops ;$. But seriously, you only need a tiny amount of product, so it'll last you a long time.

I love citrus smells, but this one reminds me of lemon candy I used to eat as a kid. Seriously, I LOVE the scent. But does it work? It really works on dry patches on my body, my elbows and knees are super hydrated. But my hands and feet.. they're tough! It helped my cuticles a lot, but I have weird dry finger tops on which it's not very effective. But, out of all hand or nail treatments I have used so far, this one is the best.

- smells awesome
- natural, contains A LOT of beeswax
- large pot
- very thick and creamy substance
- absorbs quite fast

- didn't help my dry finger tops like I wished it would

I'm sitting here behind my laptop, thinking about other negative stuff I could say about this product. But I really can't! I have read some other reviews, and it's probably not fixing my dry finger tops because it doesn't penetrate the skin enough? I don't know, but I'm always on the search for other remedies. Someone suggested almond or olive oil, so I'm going to try that. Anyway, I really recommend this product, I love it.

xo Michelle


  1. Great review :) I got a sample of this with the heads shoulders knees and toes box they did a few months back and I've still got some left, you're right it really does last forever haha !!
    - Beth x

  2. I also love this stuff!! If you are looking for products for very dry tips, have a look at Flexitol. It's cheap and it works wonders.

  3. Ik lees hier ook zoveel goeds over, erg benieuwd!

  4. Great review!! I never tried it mostly because I never understood it's purpose ahaha But I don't have any dry areas on my body, even on my fingers so I'll pass that out (:

  5. Hello sweety,
    It sounds like a wonderful product! I had heard about it before but I never thought I could need it.
    Thanks for this great review, this product may lep me with my dry hands and finger tops,

  6. So sweet. I love it. Jammer dat het niet werkte waarop je hoopte. Maar de geur is zo lekker. Liefs, xxxx

  7. Gelukkig is het weer bijna mijn verjaardag en staat kerst weer voor de deur: ik ben namelijk erg benieuwd!!


  8. I love this stuff but feel the same way about the cons. Its great to use during the day...but I need something different for the deep, intesive therapy to heal my dry cuticles in winter.