Guru's: Dustin Hunter

You know those tutorials and video's of mua's or guru's that are just plain boring and a drag to watch? Well, this guy is nothing like that! I don't think I ever laughed as hard with makeup video's. Just the way he's sitting in front of the camera: a beardy man with lipgloss and nail polish on, talking about how a hooker tried to pick him up at the red lights. Ha! I love when it they get all personal.

He does has some interesting things to say about makeup though. He hasn't got a lot of tutorials, mostly 'kickass lips' video's, but he has some great reviews and storage solutions. Be sure to check out the 'MAC pigments' series, they're really worth it and makes me want to go out and buy a ton of pigments right away. If you feel like subscribing him on Youtube, check out his channel here.

Michelle x


  1. OMG, hij weet nog waar die over praat ook nog. Best wel lachen dat die er geinteresseerd in is. Liefs, xxxx

  2. I am a subscriber of his- He is very funky ;)