How to: leopard nails

This is a quick and easy tutorial to make your own leopard print nails without using konad or any other stamps. I've worn this quite a few times now, any colour combination is possible and if you mess up, no one will notice.
What you need: 2 colors of polish (preferably a lighter and a darker one) and a nail art pen (or a brush and a black or dark brown polish)

Step one
: You first want to apply a base coat and one or two coats of polish of your choice. I'm wearing 2 coats of Catrice's London Weather Forecast. It's best to already clean up at this stage because black polish (used for the print) has a higher possibility of smudging.

Step two: Pick any other colour you like, preferably a lighter one. I picked Eyeko's Rain polish because it's a blue tone like London's Weather Forecast. I think it looks the best this way, a dark colour with a similar lighter colour for the spots. But that's just personal preference, choose whatever you think looks good. Now get a fine brush, this can be a nail art brush or just a cheap one from the art store. Don't spend a ton of money on brushes for nail art, you'll ruin them anyway. Dip it in the polish and paint small dots on your nails.

Step three: When this is completely dry, take your nail art pen or nail art brush (and a black or dark brown polish) and draw in the leopard print. I used Essence nail art pen in 02 cool black. I think it's easy to google a random leopard print and use it as a guideline. It's totally fine to mess up the first few times, it takes some practice. No one is going to tell if you mess up anyway, it's a messy print to begin with ;).

Step four: Apply a topcoat, and you're done! It's really important to let it completely dry before putting on a top coat. If you don't, the black will smudge and ruin your manicure. I always just paint one nail in leopard print. I think it looks too busy and too tacky when I do all of my nails. That's just what I think what looks good on me, if you want to do all of your nails, that's fine by me!

Hope this was interesting!
xo Michelle


  1. That seems very easy! I have to try it!

  2. Heel mooi gedaan. Dat je daar het geduld voor hebt. Ik haal altijd plakkers. Liefs, xxxx

  3. Thank you for explaining! It came out beautifully (: