Me!Bath - Land of Milk and Honey Bath Ice Cream

I got this lovely product along with some other stuff a while back. I entered a competition on to win some Me!Bath goodies from, and won! So far I'm loving all of these products so much, prepare yourself for a lot of reviews!

This is a Bath Ice Cream from Me!Bath, an American bath and body care company. They're famous for their Bath Ice Creams, so I was thrilled I got to try one out! They sell for $8,50 on Me!Bath and for €5,41 on BeautyQueen (on sale). I think that's a normal price? Quite similar to Lush prices. This is truly a luxury item. It was sitting on my desk for about 3 weeks and my room smelled lovely. There was an amazing smell coming out of this little box, I loved it.

Tonight, I felt like pampering myself so I decided to finally use it. I threw it in the tub filled with hot water and it started fizzing like crazy. Sadly, this spectacle didn't last for so long, after a minute or two the fun was over. The bath bomb wasn't as dense as I thought, it wasn't very heavy or anything. Once it was completely done with fizzing, a nice layer of large oily bubbles appeared on the surface. During my bath, a nice thick layer of oil formed on my skin, you could compare it to the same amount you would put on during a massage. I was quite sad the smell wasn't as strong as I hoped. It was very subtle, maybe a bit too subtle for me. I like it when something fills up the entire bathroom with a gorgeous scent. I hopped out, but I didn't use a towel to dry my body, this way all of the oils could be absorbed by my skin. And o my, it was SO hydrated! My legs are so soft, it's really amazing. As for the scent, it's not really there anymore, just a tiny bit. Too bad I'm not smelling like a big pot of honey now, I really would've liked that =^x^=. Other than that, I am so relaxed now. It's 9.47PM when I'm writing this and I'm ready to doze off any second. This is perfect to end a hectic Monday.

- packaging looks cute
- very hydrating
- great range of scents
- super relaxing

- scent doesn't stay long
- fizzes up quickly

I think I will be ordering some more of these from BeautyQueen, but I'm not sure which ones. They only hold about 8 scents, while there's a lot more to choose from on the Me!Bath website (up to 39!!) If you're from the States, I'd suggest to try one of these out ;)!



  1. It looks really good! I don't like bombs that fizz quickly or that have strong scents, so maybe this is for me? :p

  2. But it does fizz quickly? ;p And if you're into subtle scents, this is def for you.

  3. Jammer dat de geur niet lang blijft hangen. Het ziet er wel goed uit. Hmm. Heerlijk. Liefs, xxxx