Lush - Baby Face

This was the first cleanser from Lush I got. A lot of people think it looks cute, but I just think it looks a bit.. creepy? I don't know, faces in objects are weird!

I tested this little guy for about a month, I basically used it as a make up remover. There are a few ways to use it: you can rub it all over your face or rub it in your hands and then over your face. After this, you can remove it with some damp cotton pads, and you'll need a lot of them, because it truly removes EVERYTHING! Don't forget to use some toner with your last cotton pad to get rid of any residue. I tried both of these methods, but after 2 weeks I started to break out on my chin and nose. I was also using a couple of other new products from Lush, so I headed back to the store to ask what could be the problem. They suggested I took some warm, damp cotton pads and rub these over the Baby Face and then just use the pads to remove my makeup. They guessed the Baby Face was too oily for me. Hmm, I still got some new spots after that. Then I decided to use a face wash after using the Baby Face, and this worked pretty well. No more break outs and my face is super clean afterwards.
I have combination skin, it's dry to normal with an oily T-zone, so you can break out from it in the more oily zones. I don't really use it that much anymore because I found a better Lush product to remove my make up. I also think it takes up too much time to rub about 5 pads over a piece of buttery substance and rub it on your face (and then cleanse it some more, use toner, a moisturizer and eye cream). I mean, I do this right before I go to bed when I'm dead tired and I hate to spend too much time in the bathroom when I don't feel like it. Boo! Anyway, I do like to use this one to remove eye make up. It's great to get rid of excess mascara or eyeliner.

- vegan
- great (eye make up) remover
- smells lovely

- may cause break outs
- very oily
- takes up some times to use

I'm afraid I'm not buying this again, I like how it removes all dirt and makeup perfectly, but it takes up too much time in my opinion. I think it's great for people with dry skin because of the butters. If you're looking for a good makeup remover, I'd suggest to give it a try, I paid about 7 euros for it, so it's not expensive at all for how much you can use it. You have to be quick though, I heard they're discontinuing it.

ox Michelle


  1. Hmm, I think it looks a bit creepy too! Faces in products freak me out a little bit.

  2. Ik vind het ook een beetje eng:P. Maargoed, volgens mij ruikt het wel lekker. Echter ga ik het niet proberen. liefs, xxxxx

  3. Niets voor mij dus! Ik vind het een beetje een sumo-face in plaats van een babyface :D

  4. I'm always using baby face! I have really sensitive skin, and while using accutane, my skin couldn't take the normal make-up remover wipes, so baby face was the only thing that didn't sting my skin!
    I have combination skin and it never broke me out! I would rub it all over my face and then massage it into my skin, them with a warm wash cloth I wipe it off (:

  5. ik vond het ook altijd maar een eng blokje :d en ik ben idd ook bang van break outs xx