Shopping: The Body Shop Body Focus

Today, I had the afternoon off so I took one of my friends to the city. We entered The Body Shop.. and spotted a sale corner! At first I didn't want to buy anything, but then I saw a lot of products from the Body Focus range at an extremely low price, so I caved in. All of this stuff cost me 15,50 euros! Cheap, right?
Anyway, these products (except for the deodorant) are being discontinued. I also can't find a lot of reviews online, but now I'm wondering if anyone still wants me to review these. I can't really see the point of doing that because they're not for sale anymore, but if anyone likes me to, I will. I think I will show you guys how the henna turns out. I'm super exited for this one, I'm not expecting to be super red all over though.


  1. I was always curious about they stretch mark cream, but if it's being discontinued maybe it's not that good? I don't know \:
    15 euros it's super cheap!! Have to check out my body shop :P

  2. Wat een leuke dingen. The bodyshop heeft ook altijd dingen die lekker ruiken. Die deo roller is niks. Echt jammer. Voor als je hem gaat proberen. Hij is iritant. Ik ben ook benieuwd naar het henna kleuren. Liefs, xxxxxx