Me!Bath - Vanilla Purity Body Icing

This is another product I won from SnowWhiteGlamour's contest. I already reviewed the Bath Ice Cream in Land of Milk and Honey, you can view that here.
Like the Bath Ice Cream, the smell of this product is a-ma-zing. It's pure creamy vanilla, it's a deep scent, but not too heavy. It also lingers a long time. When I take a morning shower and then use this on my skin, I can still smell some of it at night. This almost never happens with a body lotion or butter. So that's a BIG plus! It's called body 'icing', it's not a butter, nor a lotion. It's somewhere in between really. Sometimes you really have to squeeze the bottle hard for product to come out. I do love the packaging though. It has this cap you pop open, so no pot to dip in with your fingers.

This must be one of the most hydrating creams I have tried so far. You don't need a lot so it'll last you quite some time. It's a white, very creamy substance that penetrates the skin fast enough to put on clothes within 15 minutes, so it's great to use in mornings. It's designed for people with normal to dry skin, and it really works. My skin is really hydrated and smooth after I used this. Not to forget how lovely I smell, sometimes I feel like a walking vanilla ice cream cone!

- absorbs fast
- lovely vanilla scent
- very creamy substance
- nice packaging
- very hydrating
- scent lingers a long time

- price ($24 on Me!Bath / €21,71 on BeautyQueen)
- sometimes hard to get product out of bottle

This is going to last me a long time, so I'm in no need to place an order for this soon. I'm not sure if I will, I think it's a lot of money for a body cream. I do however love this stuff, so I might splurge on it.

Take care! xo


  1. Klinkt goed. Het monsterje ziet er ook goed uit. Liefs, xxx

  2. it looks really cool! I love the scent of vanilla in bath products (: