NOTD: kitty nails =^x^=

Purr! At first I just wanted to do a french tip, but then I went all kitty on it. Oops. I even made a swoopy tail =^x^=. I got inspired by my own little cat, Oli. I love this little guy.
French tips are nice, but so boring I rarely do them anymore. I used Gosh Silk, Hema French Manicure white coat and Essence nail art pen in black. These pictures were taken on day 3 and it was freeeeezing outside. That sort of explains the dry patches. And my lack of using hand cream or cuticle butter. Boo me.


  1. AAAHHH, zo cute. Nice job. Liefs,xxxx

  2. Cute! And inspiring :) I need little cat paws on my nails too now :D

  3. Your header image is AMAZINGLY INSANE! It speaks to me!! Heart cats, and love the nails :)

    Kat x
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  4. *squeals* this is so cute ^__________^

  5. amazing ! ; )
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