Lush Christmas VIP

I had so much fun on the Lush skincare VIP, I really wanted to go to the Lush Christmas VIP. This was so different! Me and my friend were a little late, but once we got in, the store was super crowded. The lovely Lush ladies were all dressed up in Halloween or Christmas outfits and like last time, there were a lot of snacks and drinks provided for us. We were divided into 4 groups and told to visit the different stands. There were four stands, I don't remember all of the names but there was one about the day of the dead that I liked a lot. Here's what I bought:

- Candy Cane bubble bar
- Iced Wine shower jelly
- Snow Fairy shower gel
- Satsumo Santa bath ballistic
- Cinders bath ballistic

What came with the goodie bag:

- Sexy Peel soap
- 9 to 5 cleanser sample
- Whip Stick lip balm
- Keep It Fluffy bath ballistic

I'm super happy with all the stuff I got. I swear, if money wasn't an issue I would've picked up a lot more. I loved the Snow Fairy lipbalm, Lip Dip lip scrub and the Calacas shower jellies too. I really suggest that you all go out and get some Lush goodies for Christmas, they're so worth it!

Michelle xo


  1. AAH, wat een leuke dingen. Lush is echt zo fijn en ruikt zo lekker. Inderdaad, als geld geen probleem was had ik ook echt heel wat ingeslagen. Kun je een review schrijven over de lipbalm. Liefs, xxxx

  2. Yeah it's a shame lush stuff can be so expensive, but it's even more exciting when we get new stuff isn't it? (:

  3. Those soap and ballistics look to die for! I've never purchased anything from Lush but now I'm starting to reconsider..