My nail polish stash!

Hi guys. I've been a terrible blogger. Life has been messy the couple 2 weeks but I'm getting back on my feet. Me and my boyfriend broke up which caused me to be occupied with 41515425 things at once. Anyway, I'm doing better now so no worries. I've got a couple of posts ready for you, I'm really looking forward to get back into blogging like I used to.

So this is my small stash. Well it's small compared to nail blogger's standards, but big compared to a normal people's stash, haha. I still need to try a few of these babies, and I went shopping yesterday and bought some more, but they're not in the picture. Here we go:

catrice - back to black / eyeko - posh polish / gosh - pearl /
miss hellen - nr 183 / catrice - clay-ton, my hero /
catrice - lost in mud

catrice - sold out forever / eyeko - vintage polish /
eyeko - military polish

sinful colors - see you soon / catrice - london's weather forecast /
essence - bonnie / essence - my boyfriend's jeans /
eyeko - indigo polish / eyeko - rain polish / eyeko - pastel polish

catrice - winetastic / MAC - love & friendship /
essie - velvet voyeur / china glaze - evening seduction

gosh - silk / eyeko - tea rose polish / catrice - let's talk about Barrie! /
miss hellen - nr 112 / sephora - dragee /

miss hellen - nr 46 / stargazer? /
eyeko - vampira polish / eyeko - saucy polish

essence - matte top coat / catrice - I see through you /
catrice - top coat / catrice - base coat

I still have some more scattered around my room, I just found a black one from essence and a shimmery purple one from Paris Memories. What can I say, I'm a messy person? =^x^= Anyway, this is my humble stash. There are always polishes on my wish list, but I'm trying to watch my money these days. Every time I'm at Sephora, I have to avoid the OPI stand, because I know I'd go crazy. Anyway, if anyone wants me to swatch one of these, just ask me in the comments.

Enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday, and happy Halloween!

xo Michelle


  1. That's a nice collection!
    I'd love to see how Gosh silk wears on its own. I've seen many people saying it is the best base for holos

  2. Catrice is echt wel goeie nagellak. Je hebt een leuke stash. Met echt mooie kleuren. Liefs, xxx

  3. You have a very good collection, I think. sorry for the break up I hope you're ok

  4. Behoorlijke nagellakstash hoor :-)

  5. echt ne hele schone riem! die winkel ken ik precies nie!