Shopping: Maastricht

I looove Maastricht. It's my favorite city when I'm in the mood for some shopping. Seriously, it has almost every store a city needs. I rarely go out shopping like this, I usually just buy one or two things. But I was on the hunt for some boots.. and I just got my paycheck. Oops! And sorry for the craptastic pictures, it's getting dark early here so my camera won't take good pictures. That's what you get when you buy a cheap camera!

Sephora was holding a 'buy 1, get 1 free' sale, so I picked up a burgundy eyeshadow and a new primer, since I'm almost out of it. I went to Etos to check out the MNY products, because everyone is raving about them. I was kind of disappointed to be honest. I guess you girls all like glitters and shimmers, because this line has a lot of them. Not my cup of tea. I bought a nail polish (in 669) and an eyeshadow (in 329 I think..). It's a pretty bright pinkish red colour in real life. It's so cheap, I thought, let's pick a crazy colour for once. I tried it and I like it to be honest, pigmentation is great. I also went to MAC to get a new foundation, and I got the Pro Longwear in NC20. I've been wearing it ever since (Saturday), and I LOVE it! My skin really looks flawless. O, and I got a H&M polish too, I've been wanting this colour for a long time now. So pretty!

Some stuff I bought to make my own jewelry. I got the two boxes at Xenos for about 3 euros each, so cheap. The owl necklace is from Claire's, it's so adorable! I really love it. The other stuff is from a exchange market, I don't know what I'm going to do with it. Any suggestions?

Vintage-time! Boots are from Trader's Pop and the belt and purse are from Giensch. I love these shops, be sure to stop by them on your next visit to Maastricht, they hold some real treasures. The boots are my favorites! I bought vintage boots in Antwerp last winter, they look a little like these. I ended up wearing those the most. I honestly do not have a problem with second hand clothing or shoes. They get cleaned, what's the problem?

And my new boots! I was looking for flats, not too girly and not too tough and I believe these were right for me. They're super comfy! I don't remember what shop they're from, I only know they weren't very cheap. Boo!

I bought a new nail polish remover from Diadermine and a suger scrub from Lush. They're in the first picture. I also bought a khaki top at H&M, but it was in the laundry when these pictures were taken. I love all the stuff I got, but I felt quite guilty because I spent over 250 euros at once. I really don't like spending so much money at once, argh! Do you guys find these kind of posts interesting? I wasn't sure to put this up because I usually post about products or makeup. I'm planning on doing a 'What's in my bag' post if you'd like that. Let me know! I'm trying to get some variation in my posts, I'm getting bored with it haha.

Michelle xo

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  1. Wauw, echt leuke dingen. Vooral die laarzen. I love the make-up. Ik ben benieuwd naar de swatches. Zo te lezen heb jij heerlijk gewinkeld. Liefs, xxxx

    Ps: Mijn blog is tijdelijk niet bereikbaar op dus vandaar kun je hem op deze url bereiken of via
    Mijn host ligt er tijdelijk uit. Sorry voor het spam gedoe maar kon even niet anders:P