Lush - Miranda soap

I got this as a tester on one of my Lush visits. I absolutely love the smell of Lush soaps, Sandstone and The Godmother are my absolute favorites. However, I haven't bought a Lush soap in ages. Somehow, they don't work for my skin. Or maybe I haven't found one that suits it. My skin is pretty dry and Lush soap makes it 'squeaky' clean. I mean, rubbing on my wet skin, you can actually hear this 'rubbery' sound. So weird, and so unpleasant.

The smell is awesome though. Really fresh and fruity! The main ingredients are fresh kiwi fruit, juniper berry oil and bergamot oil, which smells of oranges. This is a great soap for summer time I think, I really felt refreshed after using this. Or for winter mornings, when you need a little kick to start the day.

- fruity smell
- very soft and foamy
- vegan and not tested on animals

- squeaky feeling

Hope that helped,
xo Michelle


  1. Hmm heerlijk.
    Dat is zo lekker en een fijn product. Liefs, xxx

  2. I haven't tried this one before. I love love love The Sultana of Soap.
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  3. Klinkt lekker zeg! :D
    Misschien bestel ik hem .in mijn volgende bestelling haha

  4. Unfortunately I didn't like that soap, the scent made me sooo nauseated \: