Review: Smith's Rosebud Salve

I picked this up right before it started to get icy cold outside to protect my lips from cracking all winter long. I got mine at Ici Paris XL and there were about 10 other variations to pick from, but I chose the basic one, just to try out. Here's my thoughts on it.

I love the packaging! It's looks very retro and it's a big tin. I paid about 10 euros for it and you get 22 grams for it, so that's quite a lot. I also still opens just as fast as it did at the beginning, I find that metal tins tend to get harder to open after some time. I also like the smell, even though I do not like the smell of roses. This is a very subtle scent. The substance is very vaseline like, it glides on very smoothly.

It does moisturize my lips, but I feel like I need to reapply it every 20 minutes. When it wears off my lips, the inner rims of my lips are the first to go and it feels really dry, I really don't like this feeling and I never got it with any other lip balms. But as long as it's on my lips, it's great for protecting them from the cold and dry air.
I have been sick A LOT this winter, so the skin around my nose looked horrible. I put this on it when I went to bed and it really helped my skin to recover. I think it's also great to apply to your cuticles or other dry areas on the body, but I still have to try those things out more.

+ packaging
+ price
+ substance
+ protects and moisturizes

- wears off quickly
- tin is less hygienic than a tube

I'm still not sure if I would repurchase this. I have had better lipbalms in the past. Maybe when I ever finish this tin and start to miss it, I might rebuy it again!

Hope that helped,


  1. Jammer dat die er snel weer af is. Maar het lijkt mij wel een fijn product.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Hoe langer ik Rosebud gebruik, hoe meer fan ik er van word! Ik zit nu aan mijn tweede potje. Ze hebben hier ook een tubeversie van, trouwens, maar ik vind het wel leuk, zo een potje en aangezien ik de enige ben die het gebruikt...

  3. Ik wist niet dat ze die in de Ici Paris hebben. Ik ga zeker eens kijken! Bedankt voor je review:)

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