Review: The Beauty Bakery - Raspberry Bath Butter Bomb

Last Friday I was feeling a bit off, so I needed a long, hot bath. In went the Raspberry bath bomb from The Beauty Bakery! My expectations were high, this is a big bomb that weighs about 200 grams and contains lots of oils and shea butter, or so the website says.

I think the bomb was a bit powdery on the outside, not the most solid bomb I've tried so far. It smelled okay, but also very strong. It wasn't bad, but I thought it would smell more sweet instead of strong perfumed raspberry. There were chunks of shea butter in it, so that's always a plus in a bath bomb. My skin felt pretty amazing afterwards. The scent was definitely still on my skin, but it wasn't overpowering.

Would I buy it again? Aside from the shea butter, it wasn't my favorite bath bomb I tried so far. I think the scent just wasn't my thing, which is weird because I always love a good berry scent. I might try a different one from the range with a next order in the future.

Until next time,


  1. Wel jammer dat de geur niet jouw ding was. Maar het klinkt wel als een fijn product.
    Liefs, xxx