Burt's Bees - Hand Salve

I bought this at Sephora, it came in a 3-pack with the lip balm and the cuticle butter. You can read more about the lip balm here.

This is just a small 'testing' tin, it's 8,5 g while the larger tin is 85 g. It is quite easy to just throw it in you purse and use it throughout the day, but I never do so. The reason why I don't is because this stuff is SUPER oily! I used it once during the day and it took ages for it so absorb. It is effective though. I use it as an overnight treatment, and in the morning my hands are super smooth. Because it's such a small tin, I had some problems getting a decent amount of product out of it. You really have to work your finger in it for it to budge. Also, the smell is really strong. I like it, but I understand if someone else doesn't. It's has eucalyptus in it, I think that's where the smell is coming from. It's a bit of a medical smell I think?

You should've seen my friend's face when she applied this on her lips, mistaking it for the lip balm. Priceless! ;D

- 98% natural
- super soft hands

- really oily substance
- smell puts most people off
- hard to get product out of tin at first
- takes a while to absorb into the skin

I'm really glad I could test this product because I wouldn't have bought it otherwise. I don't think I'd buy a large tin, I like a more creamy substance to moisturize my hands, preferably with a nice pump so I didn't have to dip my finger in the jar (germs..).

Hope that helped!
xo Michelle

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  1. Ik dacht dat het best een goed product was... Want het is nog best prijzig. Maar die geur alleen al. Bah. Ik gebruik mijn vertrouwde vaseline. Liefs, xxxxx