Eyeko - Strawberry Fatbalm

I've been waiting for Eyeko to bring out the new fatbalms for aaages. The moment they appeared on the website, I placed an order! Now let's see if it lived up to my high expectations.

I thought it would be bigger to be honest. It looks like a plump lipstick, but with a flat top. You also don't get all that much product for 7 euros in my opinion. And there's glitters in it. Glitters! I hate glitters ;(. But these were just my first impressions. It really won me over when I started using it. I did like the packaging right away though, the gray looks way better than the previously pink fat balms.

Eyeko describes it as a pink colour, but it looks more of a muted red to me. And well, I'm scared of red lipsticks. I've got big eyes and full cheeks with a relatively small mouth, so vibrant lips easily look funny on me. I actually look okay wearing this on my lips! I thought it would hold a lot less pigment, but it's quite okay. Therefore, you don't need a lot of product. And the glitters I hate so much, you can hardly tell it's there. It just becomes a nice glowy sheen. Pfew! The only problem I have is getting it on my lips. The balm is so big you easy get colour outside of your lips. I can't say anything about the moisturizing effect because I mainly use it as a cream blush. I just get some of it on my fingers and dab it on my cheeks, it gives me a nice pinky flush, I like it. O, and the smell! I actually like it, it's like super sweet strawberry candy.

- packaging
- pigmentation
- scent

- price
- can colour outside the lips
- amount of product

I think for the amount you get, 7 euros is a bit much maybe. However I do think I'm getting another one in a paler colour so I can use it on my lips daily. I think Minty would be something for me.

Have a nice day,
Michelle xo.


  1. HMM,mij lijkt die best okee.Wel een beetje prijzig maarja. Liefs, xxxx

  2. Idd, een beetje te prijzig voor wat je krijgt. Maar als cream blush staat 'ie je wel mooi :)