MAC - Painterly Paintpot

I've been wanting to try this out as a base for a long time. I finally bought it and tried it out for about a couple of months now. Not that I wasn't happy with my Too Face Shadow Insurance, I still love it. But I like to try different things. I can't help it I'm curious!

I really like the substance, it's creamy but not oily. It leaves a nice silky base for eye shadows. I like the way I don't have to wait a long time for it to dry, as some bases do. That way it won't get streaky. It also makes blending a lot more easy. I don't use it as an eye shadow on its own, but I think it's possible when you get a more tinted paintpot. I picked painterly because it's matte and it matches my skin tone the most. I can create the perfect canvas to put any colour on it.

The only downside on this product is the price, but you do get a lot of product for it. But still, 19 euros for a primer is a tad much. And maybe also that it doesn't come in a tube, but in a pot. So you swirl your finger in it, or use a brush. The fingers for the quick and easy way, or the brush for the hygienic way, but you'll need to clean it afterwards. Germs!

- lovely texture
- great primer
- gives coverage
- quite a lot of product
- improves blending
- works with cheaper eye shadows too

- price
- it's not a tube (hygiene)

I really love it, maybe a little bit more than the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (oh ohh..). This is definitely not my last paintpot!

xo Michelle


  1. IK wil hem zo graag. Een hele mooie kleur ook. En het is elke cent waard vind ik.
    Liefs, xxxx

  2. I have that one and love it, but I still use my UD primer potion underneath

  3. I want to try a Paint Pot eventually, but am not too sure how it will fare on my oily lids >_<

  4. Dit is mijn favoriete paint pot! Zo goed spul! :)