The go getter.

A little personal update =^x^=.

I am the proud owner of an URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE! Last Thursday I was shopping with my friend K. in Maastricht (again, yeahyeah..) and we went to Sephora. I walked past this palette for about 3 times before I noticed it. And then.. I noticed it. I seriously couldn't really believe it was sitting there, right in front of me. There were 4 left of them and a saleswoman came by to inform me 'Oh, they're -25% right now'. 0_0 SAYWHAT? I am so broke at the moment so luckily my friend offered to pay for it (thankyouthankyouthankyouuuu!). She didn't understand my excitement though, haha. I used it a few times now and I love it. I know there are a ton reviews of it already, but I think I might show you guys what I think of it.

I don't know if anyone knows this, but I'm a huge fan of The Black Keys. I'm seriously bummed they're so hyped at the moment, but at least that way I was able to see them live. So last Wednesday, me and my friend B. went to see them at 013 in Tilburg, and it was aaawesooome! The show was completely sold out, so luckily I ordered my tickets a few months ago. I haven't been this stoked for something for a long time. The only downside is that I've got a terrible crush on Dan Auerbach at the moment, haha. Nomnomnom.

So yup, a very good week despite the rain. But I like rain actually, especially when I'm in bed and I can't sleep. I make a cup of tea and just sit by the window. I can't wait for it to snow! School is getting pretty busy these days, so sorry if I'm not able to post as much as before. Things will settle down more in late January.

Hope you had a nice weekend,
Michelle xo.


  1. Die palette is zo mooi. En ook nog een 25% KORTING. haahaha. Ik wil hem ook.
    Leuke foto van jouw en de palette.
    Liefs, xxxxx

  2. Super dat je hem hebt en nog aan zo een fijne korting!

  3. oh you're too lucky! I can't get my hands into that palette!

  4. what great luck and a great friend!

  5. Awwh that's the sign of a true friend haha ;]