Lush - Iced Wine shower jelly

This is the first jelly from Lush I bought. I always thought it looked superweird and unpractical to use. It's not that bad actually! But more about that later on. This is a limited product from the Christmas collection, so be quick if you still want to try it.

Let's start of with the fragrance. I saw this product at the Christmas VIP, and as soon as I smelled it, I knew I had to have it. It's so sweet and fruity, really something for me! Its main ingredients are grapefruit oil, iced wine and buchu oil. Seriously, if there's anyone out there who doesn't like the smell of this, he or she must be insane. I just can't stop sniffing it! I might even like this one more than Snowfairy, but shh.

There are different ways to use a shower jelly. Personally, I like to just take the whole jelly and rub it over my body. It doesn't lather all that much, but I'm fine with that. The only problem I see people could have, is to hold on to the jelly. It's super slippery! I got the small pot, which makes it easier to hold I think. No worries if you drop it the first few times, you'll get the hang of it ;). I put it in the freezer once, but the combination of the icy cold jelly and the slipperiness made me dance around in the shower, haha. Anyway, you can also take some of the blob and rub it in a body puff so it lathers a lot, I also enjoyed it that way.
The problem I get with Lush soaps is that I dries out my skin. Not with this one! My skin is not super hydrated, but it just feels really soft. At it smells delicious. Seriously, sometimes I feel like a walking sorbet. Yummy.

- soft skin
- multi-use

- might be a bit tricky to use
- limited edition

If there's anything I would recommend buying from the Christmas collection, it would be this shower jelly. I think I might go and buy another one for Summer!

Michelle x


  1. De substantie alleen. Daar word je gewoon verlieft op. Heerlijk. Liefs, xx

  2. ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
    fantastic :D

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  3. They really are tricky to use, I always let them fall out of my loofa!

  4. take an anklet panty hose and throw your jelly in there, you may want to twist the top and turn it inside out to make it have 2 layers of nylon around it...tie the top and get to scrubbing! keeps it all together and helps make it scrub and lather better. works a charm!