The Body Shop - Deo Dry Cool & Zesty Stick

I had such high hopes for this deodorant. I always used a deodorant spray, but I ended up spraying at least 5 times a day. Seriously, I think people were calling me 'Deo-girl' behind my back, haha. I knew The Body Shop recently brought out a new deodorant, available as stick or a roller and in 3 fragrances: Chilled & Breezy, Cool & Zesty and Fresh and Floral. I really felt I should try it, so I bought Cool & Zesty for about 5 euros. This is what The Body Shop says:

A stick deodorant that works in a more natural yet effective way. It contains a volcanic mineral that absorbs wetness to keep you dry, and essential oils that mask unpleasant odour.

Not that much information if you ask me. It does work however. I love the scent, but that's no surprise because I'm into citrus smells. It keeps you dry all day long, at least in normal conditions. After stressing out at work for 4 hours, you really need to reapply, but I guess that's normal. It really does mask 'unpleasant odours', so a thumbs up for that.
Sadly, I can't use it anymore. Their website also says 'Do not apply to broken skin'. Almost all girls shave or wax their armpits, so the skin gets irritated anyway I think. I used it for a good 3 weeks, and my armpits became very irritated, red and dry. Not a very pleasant feeling or sight. I'm so bummed!

- nice scent
- dry feeling
- no body odour
- price
- not tested on animals

- caused irritation

I really loved how good it worked for me and how it smells. Maybe I will buy the roller one instead next time, but for now I'm testing one from Nivea. Yeah, feeling guilty about it already because they test on animals. Boo me, I'm bad.

I hope this helped!
xo Michelle


  1. That sucks! I am a deodorant girl too. I will whip it out anywhere especially in public.

  2. Ah wat klote dat het gaat irriteren, anders zou het echt de perfecte deo zijn.

  3. Ik vind deze totaal niet fijn. Ik heb hem al eens geprobeerd. Maar niks voor mij. Liefs, xxxx

  4. oh nooo it caused you irritation? that's bad, I was really curious about it and I wanted to buy it, but I don't want any irritation, especially under my arms \:

  5. that was the best deo I ever used . I have been using for years. Now , its out of the market and I am pissed off.