Urban Decay - Big Fatty Mascara

I watch a lot of makeup tutorials and I heard Kandee Johnson rave about this mascara. So last Summer when I was visiting London, I went to Boots and purchased this mascara. And I have been using it ever since.

Yes, I know you 'shouldn't' use a mascara for over 6 months. I think that's bs. I use my mascara until the tube is out of product or starts to smell funky. Mascara always smells funky but you know what I mean ;).
Anyway, I payed about 13 pounds for it and it was money well spent. It doesn't clump like most mascara's do, even when you let it set to dry and apply another layer. It also doesn't smudge or feel like a thick sticky layer on your lashes. It removes easily, just some normal makeup remover will do. It also has the coolest packaging ever! I never have to search for hours in my makeup bag, this sweetie is way too vibrant to look pass.

- formula
- packaging
- no spider lashes

- availability (for Belgium)



  1. Great choice I love Urban Decay, they also used to do a big fatty lip plumper that was awesome but they stopped making it =[! Lets hope they don't stop making this too!!

    Love J.

  2. Dat ziet er goed uit. Ik vind de verpakking heel leuk.
    Liefs, xxx

  3. Meh, ik gebruik ook mascara tot ze op is hoor, of tot het raar begint te ruiken. Als het zurig ruikt, is het slecht. En anders gaat het nog wel :)

  4. Echt spijtig dat ze urban decay niet aanbieden in belgiƫ, ik zou graag veel van hun producten uitproberen.

  5. It looks nice on you! I never hear people talk about this mascara :(