Lush UK order

A little while back, my friend B. and I wanted to order some stuff from the UK lush website. Products are slightly cheaper than on the Dutch website, even when you count in shipping costs. He ordered on Monday and it arrived 2-3 days later. Wow, these guys are FAST! Check out the stuff I ordered.

I ran out of Angels on bare skin and my Eau Roma Water so I ordered another pot and the big version of Eau Roma Water. I love this stuff so much. I also got a big pot of Iced Wine because I love it so much and I needed a back up. I got another jelly, Calacas, from the Day of the Dead products. It reminds me of candy I used to buy at the bakery after school when I was a kid. So good! And I got two retro bubble bars, Hot Toddy and Christmas Kisses. I don't get why they ever discontinued these, they smell divine. Expect some reviews very soon.

O, and Merry Christmas. I hope Santa brought you some awesome gifts!

xo, Michelle


  1. Great haul! I'm hoping to get somew LUSH goodies for Christmas (I haven't opened my presents yet!)

  2. Super leuk dingen.
    Liefs, xxx