Lush - my face routine

I bought these products early September and I have been using them ever since, so I think I can give you an honest review about them. I have combination skin, meaning that my T-zone is oily and the rest of my face is normal to dry. I'm also very pale and have red zones on my face. I have had eczema in the past that likes to pop up again from time to time. It was quite a challenge to find a routine that works!
Oh, and sorry about the quality of the pictures. I took most of these a while back when lighting wasn't all too good. Making new ones isn't really an option because the products get a bit messy when in use, haha. O well, here we go.

At night, I remove my makeup with Ultra Bland. It's a pasty substance, but also very oily . I take about a fingertip out of the jar and rub it over my face. I leave my eyes for last, or the eyeliner and mascara turn my face totally black. Then take a washcloth or some cotton pads and soak it with warm water. Remove the oil from your face and you're done! I also like to use Baby Face to make sure I removed all of my eye makeup, mascara can be so stubborn sometimes.

After removing my makeup, I like to cleanse my face some more to be sure it's 100% clean. For this I use Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. It's a clay based cleanser with lavender oil. It also holds ground almonds, so it's a gentle scrub as well. You take about a pea size out of the jar and mix it with some water into the palm of your hand and apply it to your damp skin and rinse off.

Then it's toner time! I use Eau Roma Water for this. It's a mixture of lavender and rose water, very soothing. Just spray it 3 to 4 times on a cotton pad and rub it over your face. There shouldn't be anymore dirt on the pad now, or you didn't do a good job on the previous two steps!

Don't let the toner completely dry, apply moisturizer when it's still damp. I use Imperialis, a herbal mixture in a cute pinky colour. It holds lavender, orange blossom, tiger lily and St Johns wort. This is the first moisturizer I tried and it was perfect from the beginning. I tried a couple more after I bought this, just out of curiosity but this is the only one that works.

The last step is applying eye cream. I use Enchanted Eye cream, but sadly they're discontinuing it. I don't really see why because it does help to combat under eye redness. Don't apply your eye cream directly underneath the eye, but tap it onto your cheekbones. I've been told that the thin skin under your eyes work like sponges and they'll soak up the right amount of cream it needs. When you apply too much eye cream directly underneath the eye, it can cause under eye redness and puffyness instead of helping it.

So yup, that's the routine I do every night. It looks a lot but it only takes me about 5 minutes. I know I'm coming across as a total Lush-loony, but I can't help it. I really believe in their products and they work for me. Have you tried any of their face products yet, or do you just like their soaps and fragrances?

Michelle xo


  1. I am huge fan of Lush and I really like the quality of their products. Now you just made me want to try ultrabland and angels on bare skin!!

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  2. Hihi, een Lush-loony, zo'n leuk woord!
    Als het werkt voor jou, des te beter hè! Ik heb (voorlopig) enkel bad- en douchespullen van Lush.

  3. HMMM<3 heerlijke dingen..
    Liefs, xxxx

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    Ps: LOVE LOVE the haircut, it look GREAT on you!