NOTD: Ciaté Snatch

First Ciaté polish! I want to thank Lushious Beauty and Beauty Queen for sending me this, so sweet. I was having a crappy day, until I got home from school and I saw a small package on my bed. Weird, I didn't order anything. I opened it and I saw the polish and some St Nicolas candy. Dingdingding. I remembered entering a small 'contest' on Lushious Beauty where you could win all sorts of things. I even forgot I entered, haha. Anyway, thanks again.

The polish itself is thin in formula, but very very pigmented. I'm wearing two coats and a topcoat, and it lasted me a good 2 days without chips or tipwear. Pretty good. I like the colour, but I think it's too bright for my pale hands. Not that I care that much, haha. Too bad uploading the pictures make the colour go all bleh. It looks a lot more bright irl. But yes, it's a good quality polish. I might order some more in the near future.

O, and I love the way the packaging looks. The little bow is just too cute.



  1. Wat een mooie kleur.
    I love the print on your fourth finger.
    Leuke foto's.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Da's een mooie rode kleur, perfect voor de feestdagen!

  3. Aww super cute, especially the leopard print!