Hello new haircut.

Just a very quick post about my new haircut. I actually got this done a week ago, but I've been so busy with schoolwork and partying I sort of neglected blogging. For shame! But I guess everyone understands what I'm talking about. I still have sh°tload of work to do for school this week and for the weeks to come, I have to work on my design for my final jury and study for my exams. And find some time to party in between. BUSYBUSYBUSY!

Anyway, just a quick photobooth picture of my hair. I let it cut it in layers and got it really really short on one side of my face. I'm thinking about shaving it now, haha. I dyed it in a deep dark red shade, but it's already getting brighter each time I wash it and I'm kind of loving it atm. Sorry about the bad photobooth quality, I'll take some better ones this week (I hope). And yup, that's my room with my childhood kitty wallpaper everything :'). What a shame for an interior architecture student, right? Haha. O well, I don't know how long I'll stay at my parents house so I don't really care.

Back to making architectural models now. Wish me luck!

meow xo


  1. Wauw, dat staat je zo goed.
    Ik ben ook benieuwd naar meer foto's.
    Ziet er leuk uit.
    Liefs, xxx