Lush - Cinders ballistic

Another product from the Lush Christmas collection. Out of the ballistics I took home with me, this one was my favorite. It has such a strong, cinnamon spicy smell. I placed it on the heating system in my room for some time so it would smell like Christmas. Mmm..

It also looks just too pretty! The red sugary bits makes it look like it's on fire, it's gorgeous. It contains almond oil, cinnamon leaf oil and sweet orange oil. Such a gooood combination. Honestly, writing about it makes me want to go out and buy more of them, haha. The bathroom smelled so good, very warming and spicy with a hint of sweetness. It also lingered on the skin for quite some time. I took a bath with this in the evening, and when I woke up, I could still smell it on my skin. What a good start of the day! The oils also really hydrated my skin, it was ever so smooth again.

- frangrance
- vegan
- soft skin

- no bubbly effect, it just melted away

If you love spicy scents, I strongly suggest you go out and get this one. It smelled sooo good to me, it was like Christmas in the tub. Yummy! Hurry up though, it's limited!



  1. I love this one...going to use mine today.

  2. HMMM, hij klinkt heerlijk. Het ziet er wel raar uit.
    Liefs, xxxx