Shopping: studded boots

I know it's just september but I'm already looking for some new winter shoes! Not that I need them that bad.. I already have a ridiculous amount of shoes but I can't help buying more. Woops. And yes, I'm that kind of girl who buys shoes and almost never wears them. I can't help it! Or I do wear them, with the risk of breaking some bones. I love wearing heels, but they're nowhere near practical. So, my goal for this winter is to buy me some new boots without heels! Or at least with a firm heel so I won't face plant the floor when it's slippery outside. I spotted a few, but these are my favorites:

That's right, all studded! I still don't know which ones to get. I reaaally love the second pair, I think I'm getting those? At times like these I wish money wasn't an issue!
Are you already out looking for winter clothes or shoes?



  1. I'm already looking for some boots too! They are my fav kind of shoes ehehe
    I really like the second pair (:

  2. De eerste vind ik mooi! Ik ben nog niet gaan kijken dit jaar, waarschijnlijk komt het er ook niet van. Had ik maar een onuitputtelijke shopgeldreserve :)

  3. Ik wil ze ook, maar dan met een hakje :) (zoals de eerste dus...)

  4. Ik vind de laatste het leukst!

  5. Ik vind ze er best tof uitzien, alleen staan dat soort laarzen mij nooit haha.

  6. You hair looks so shiny in one of the pics. Was that the before or after?

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