Lush - Trichomania Solid Shampoo

I got this as a sample on my last visit at Lush. I didn't want to try it at first because I'm not a big fan of coconut and I'm in love with my current Tigi shampoo. But then I tried it anyway... and hated it.

What Lush says on the website:
Moisturize, condition and fragrance dry and processed hair with squeezed coconut. Use it all over for delectable, soft skin and hair. Perfect for very dry and afro curls. Trichomania is for hair that's lost its moisture and needs to be tamed, particularly curly hair. It smells like a tropical cocktail.

First of, the smell. Dry, it smells of regular coconut, nothing too special in my opinion. Wet, it smells of coconut but with another funky smell to it. It sort of reminded me of bacon, but I guess that's just me, haha. Then I applied it by massaging the bar in my wet hair. I kind of liked this part, it's something else from the regular shampoo. There was enough foam, but not like a regular shampoo. I washed it twice and rinsed it thoroughly. Then I tried to comb it. I have never, ever had so much trouble detangling my hair before! I think I spent a good 10 minutes before I could finally just comb it like I do normally. At this point I was seriously considering washing it again with my regular shampoo, but I decided to sit it through. Time to blow dry my hair. This didn't went as planned either. I couldn't use a brush because I couldn't get through my hair again. 10 minutes of detangling wasted! My hair felt super dry, as if there was still soap on it, but there really wasn't. I really rinsed it well. It also felt like rubber bands, so elastic! Once I got it dry, that's exactly what it was. Dry. And very, very dull. Luckily, that 'funky' smell wasn't there anymore, just a slight coconut scent. I made some pictures of how my hair looked. Left is Trichomania, as you can see it's very dull and it has absolutely no shine to it. Right is my usual shampoo from Tigi. Both pictures were taken in daylight with flash. Well, I think you can already tell why I was so disappointed ;).

- vegan
- smell before and after use is okay
- solid shampoo is a nice variation

- dried out my hair and made it feel elastic
- weird smell when wet
- impossible to detangle hair or blow dry it properly

I am never, ever buying this product. In fact, you won't be able to in the future because it's getting discontinued. It's supposed to be for dry hair, but it just made it worse in my case. It also made the rest of my skin (I used this in the tub) squeaky clean, which I don't like either. I think they should only hand out samples with a sample of the conditioner included, maybe that would've helped? I don't know. Sorry Lush, I can't love all of your products!

xo Michelle


  1. I use the Bedhead Dumb Blonde shampoo and reconstructor (:

  2. Kan het dat jij altijd shampoo met siliconen gebruikt? Dan is het normaal dat je haar moet wennen aan Lush shampoo blokken

    Toegeven, ik heb meer knopen met Trichomania dan met andere shampoos. Maar mijn haar is wel super glanzend!

  3. Ik ben niet zeker, maar ik denk dat er wel siliconen inzitten! In dat geval kan je wel eens gelijk hebben ja. Ik zal het opzoeken en in dat geval het artikel aanpassen ;)

  4. They gave the a sample of this shampoo as well, I was really afraid to try it, now I'm even more!!! I hate when shampoos make my hair dull and dry \: