NOTD: Eyeko Saucy polish + update

I think I have found the perfect classic red. It's not too bright, yet not too deep, just gorgeous. A true retro red! Application was amazing, the best of Eyeko polishes yet. And here's the best part: it was opaque in 1 coat! The only thing I hated was removing it. Because it's so pigmented, my fingers were totally red. Or maybe I'm just a messy remover, ha!

1 coat, no cleanup! ;)

Then I put on the Essence Matt top coat, but more about that later. I think it looks pretty cool. I also think I should invest in a brush to clean up better, q-tips don't work for me.

Matt top coat, messy cleanup

I'm currently re-doing the blog a little bit. I'm still not 100% happy with how it is now, I think the font is too big? Anyway, there's also a header coming up, which will bring some colour to it. It's a bit boring now ;p. So, sorry if you don't like how it looks now, but I'll fix it soon!

Michelle xo


  1. Wattenstaafjes werken ook niet voor mij. Veel te dik en dan veeg ik er te veel nagellak af :(

  2. I love the color! It is very retro!

  3. Ik ben al zo lang op zoek naar een matte topcoat, ik vind die maar nergens!

  4. i agree the font is larger than most blogs, but that doesn't mean you should change it!

  5. I really like the matte color. It's great that product :D

  6. Wow, het matte effect is wel goed!