How to: half moon manicure

My nails are so short! I broke one off at work on Saturday, so I decided to shorten them all instead of having one sad little nail. That's why the skin around my nails is so dry at the moment I think. Yuk.
Anyway, I wanted to try something different. For a first time, I think it looks alright. You'll need 2 nail lacquers, a top coat and some reinforcement labels. And probably a base coat, I really need to buy one, haha. This is how I did a half moon manicure:

1. Apply (a base coat and) your first colour. This colour is going to be the half moon. I used Gosh Silk. Then apply a topcoat. The traditional 40's half moon mani has a 'nude' half moon, so I used a transparent one. You can use any colour you want, but I suggest using a lighter colour, the top colour has to be opaque enough to cover the rest of the nail. Wait for it to be completely dry.

2. Apply the reinforcement labels on the bottom of your nail, like I did in the picture. Press it down as firmly as possible, any gaps will cause the polish running underneath. I used plastic labels, but I think paper ones will work better.

3. Then apply 1 coat of your second colour, preferably a darker one. Wait for it to be completely dry again, then remove the labels. I was a little impatient and removed them too early. It will be a bit messy, but it's still fixable. I used Eyeko Rain polish.

4. Once the labels are successfully removed, clean up any mess you may have caused (guilty!). Apply a topcoat, and voila, your half moon mani is done!

xo meow


  1. That's really clever, using the labels like that!

    And it turned out really cute, nice job.



  2. I think I might have to try that

  3. Really cool look. Where would one find the reinforcement labels? Not even sure what they are to be honest.

  4. i soo wanted to know how to do this..thank for the great tutorial!!

  5. Wooh, je hebt teneerst hele mooie helder ogen. De kleuren matchen goed. Ik vind dat paarse heel mooie gedaan. Leuke blog heb je trouwens. Aparte naam. Hahaha, ik volg je vanaf nu via blogspot en ik kom zeker vaker terug. Ik heb ook een beautyblog. Moet je maar even kijken. Liefs, xxxx

  6. PS deze moest bij dat andere artikel daarboven. Blogspot doet even raar.:P