EOTD: purple

I got bored with the black eyeliner I wear every day, so I tried a purple one. This is Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner in Funky Violet. Pretty bright for me, but I liked it. Eye shadows were all MAC if I remember correctly. I used the Palace Pedigreed palette, Mylar and Shadowy Lady. I really love Shadowy lady actually, I should wear it more often! Anyway, this is not the best job ever but I liked it anyway.
And excuse me for the messy brows and the heavy bags, concealer only works to a certain point ;). I'm thinking of doing a how-to on brows, that's why I haven't trimmed them.



  1. Wooh, je hebt teneerst hele mooie helder ogen. De kleuren matchen goed. Ik vind dat paarse heel mooie gedaan. Leuke blog heb je trouwens. Aparte naam. Hahaha, ik volg je vanaf nu via blogspot en ik kom zeker vaker terug. Ik heb ook een beautyblog. Moet je maar even kijken. Liefs, xxxx

  2. this came out to be so pretty!! i love the placement of the colors!


  3. Nice EOTD. You should wear the colored eyeliners more...it is a great pop on your eyes...they're gorgeous.

  4. This looks amazing. As soon as I saw it I said to my sister "OMG this is so pretty!".

  5. Very subtle yet so pretty. It brings out your eye colour really well :)