Random: Top 5 youtube guru's

(Kandee Johnson)

It was well about time I posted about this. I've been watching youtube makeup video's for over 2 years now and it has tought me almost everything I know about makeup these days. I still remember the very first video I saw. I just watched Miami Ink and wanted to know how to do a Kat Von D look. So I searched Youtube and found Marlena!

1. MakeupGeek
I have watched every single video this lovely lady has put out there. I love her advice and the way she explains every step she does in applying makeup. I also really like her website, which has swatches, reviews and an idea gallery. The forum is awesome too, there are daily submissions of eotd's and fotd's and the girls inspire each other to improve their skills and try different things.

2. Kandee Johnson
This is such an adorable woman. I think she's the most positive person there is. Her tutorials are awesome as well. She goes from Edward Scissorhands to Tinkerbell, back to Megan Fox and throws in some cheap skin solutions too.

3. Nikkie Tutorials
I still remember watching her first ('viiirst') video on youtube and thinking 'what the fck is she doing?' She was just 14 years old and making video's on youtube, so kudos for that. I'm 20 and still don't have the guts to do it. Anyway, she's come such a long way, and now I absolutely love watching her video's.

4. MissChievous
She has quite long video's, but I think the end result is always superb. She'll show you anything to do with makeup, nails and hair. She's from Switzerland so she knows how bad it sucks not to have a lot of awesome drugstore brands at home.

5. Ask me makeup
Really fun and vintage look video's. They're all quite simple to do and are very fun to watch. I always wished I lived in the 50's or 60's after watching one of these, haha.

So, this is just a top 5. Of course there are many many MANY other channels that are cool to watch! Please share some of your favorite guru's so I can check those out (;

snooze xo


  1. wow..GREAT post!! I think I want to do something like this too!! thanks for sharing..I never heard of Nikki, so I will definatly check her out


  2. I think the only one I am not subscribed to is Ask Me Makeup! I will have to look into that one. Oooh...I wanna do a post like this too!! This is great!

  3. ask me make-up ken ik nog niet! Snel ff checken!! :D

  4. love kandee johnson, great post.


  5. GregoryGORGEOUS is grappig en Petrilude is goed in felle make-up (zijn halloween-map is 'to die for'!

    Kandee maakt me altijd blij met haar filmpjes :)



  6. Leuke post! Een aantal van die youtube gugus kende ik nog niet.

  7. LOL it's OK, I'm older than 20 and I still don't have the guts to do YT videos! I just feel you put out too much of yourself out there, and YT comments can be really mean! That's why for the rest of us, we have blogs :D Great list though :)

  8. Great choice