NOTD: Eyeko Rain polish

My eyeko order finally arrived! It took about two weeks, not too long but I'm an impatient girl. I've already got my next order ready and when the renewed fatbalms are released, I'm getting those as well. I also really want to try the 3 in 1 cream. I just NEED to try it.

I know everyone has been posting reviews about eyeko polishes, and about this one in particular. So sorry, but here's another one! It's just so awesome. Most of the time it's a baby blue with a very subtle shimmer and sometimes it's a light blueish gray. I'm so in love with this color, I never want to take it off! Application was alright, the brush is quite long, but it's wide enough to cover about half the nail. I put on two coats and a topcoat. I think I'm going to get a backup for this one, what if they discontinue it ;(? I'm still not happy with the way my mani's turn out, somehow they always look a bit messy. O well.

Yes, that's my cat. That's what you get for sleeping on my desk.

different lighting, more gray?

Definitely get this one, you'll fall in love with it. Looks great on pale skin, at least in my opinion!

xo Michelle


  1. Hele mooie kleur! Ik heb nog geen lichtblauwe nagellak, toch maar eens even kijken :)