Random: jewellery

I don't have a lot of jewelery, in fact, I only have little. I still wanted to share what I have because I wear it all the time. I really feel like taking the bus to the closest Accesorize now, haha.
I really love anchors. Not because they have been a trend for over 2 years now, I started collecting stuff with anchors on for a couple of years now. I'm planning on getting one tattooed on my foot as well. I've been wanting this for about 4 years now, so I think I'll get it for my 21st birthday.

Anyway, this is how I store my jewelery. I got this hand-thingy for my birthday a few years back and I quite like it, it has a retro feeling to it I think! I basically put my necklaces on there and some rings. I put earrings in a little box, which was also a gift. I don't like wearing bracelets, I only got a big black one and a grey one.

I looove my necklaces!

The one with the fish and the anchor are from the jeweller, but I mostly wear one pendant at a time. The squirrel is new actually! I really still want something with an owl or a cat, I have spotted some but I usually don't like it. Boo me.

Jup, pretty basic. The silver ring is so old, I got it when I was 13 but I still wear it every day. It's broken but I don't care. I got some more earrings in the box but these are the ones I wear mostly. I still have some new ones laying around here somewhere, very pretty black and taupe ear buttons. Of course I can't find them, I'm a mess.

Hope that was a little bit entertaining. I'm in the middle of my resits so I don't have a lot of inspiration at the moment. But I am still reading all of the wonderful blogs you girls got out there!


  1. Mooie uilenring :) Kocht hem gisteren in het zwart. Ik zag ook een kattenring, maar helaas zag hij er niet zo mooi uit :s
    Hou van je blauwe ankerketting... Leuke site heb je!!
    PS: Jammer dat ik niet met mijn naam en url een post kan achterlaten... Heb het met mijn gmail geprobeerd, maar ik weet niet of het zal lukken...
    Bibiane, http://larosevie.comxa.com

  2. Thanks! Die ketting is van de hema 3-4 jaar geleden (;
    Het werkte blijkbaar toch niet, maar ik volg je blog! x