NOTD: Catrice Back to black

O my, I think I have found the perfect black. Well, apart from a jelly black maybe, because I still want one of those. This is not just another black. In the bottle it looks like the darkest shade of gray with a hint of silver shimmer. The shimmer doesn't really show up in daylight (at least not today, once again one of those gloomy summer days), but it does add some more dimension.
I'm also putting this nail polish to the test. Tomorrow I'm off to Pukkelpop, one of Belgium's biggest festivals. I chose black because I'm a bit neurotic and I always want to match my nails with something I'm wearing. Since I almost always wear something black, my mind will be at ease, haha. Anyway, the longest a catrice polish has lasted me without chipping was about 6 days. After 2 days I get tired about it anyway, so I don't really mind. Now I want to see how long it stays on during a festival, including 4 nights of camping. Woo!

Since I'll be gone until Sunday, I won't be around any computers. I do have some fun posts planned ahead though ;).

I has an owl - but I like kittehz maor. ya rly


Michelle xo


  1. mooi zwart is niet lelijk ;)
    en wat een super ring!

  2. Ja, supercute ring!!
    Ik vind het mooi om zien, heb ook al een zwart lakje, maar heb hem eigelijk nog nooit gedragen :s

    Veel plezier op pukkelpop...

  3. I LOVE that is soo shiney!!

    BTW..I just tagged you to do a happy 101 was so much fun to do..I hope you will do it!

  4. I didn't realize you had already been tagged for the Happy 101 Tag, but I tagged you as well!

  5. thanks ladies! will do this tomorrow or later this week (;