Random: La Fille d'O

Something different from the normal beauty post. This time it's about underwear. Or unmentionables, like the designer likes to call it. La fille d'O. This is my absolute favorite brand. Murielle always comes up with new shapes that surprise in every way. Sometimes very subtle, sometimes excentric. I don't like every piece she designs, but I get the bigger picture. Some pieces are really cute, while other are on the verge of being a bit trashy. I'd say go and check it out at lafilledo.com. No seriously, go and check it out now (;

I don't have a lot, but I love what I have. In my closet and on my body at least once a week:

little bit buee

bang bang

michelle xo


  1. wow!! those look cool!! r they see thru??


  2. Haha, yes they are! But hey, if only you and your boyfriend get to see you in your undies, I don't see the problem (;

  3. Ik had er nog nooit over gehoord! Leuk zo eens een ander stukje er tussendoor!

    Ik heb mijn eigenstart weer een update gegeven en je blog toegevoegd! I like your blog!!


  4. Thanks! Ik ben van plan ook zo n sidebar met linkjes in te zetten, k zet jou er sowieso bij (;