Syoss hairproducts

I've been dying my hair dark since october now, and it's the best decision i've ever made for my hair. I used to be very blonde (even platina for a while, what a big mistake), so i had to bleach it a lot, which wasn't very healthy. I colored my hair very dark brown at the hairdresser's in october and i've been looking for a good hairdye at the drugstore ever since. So far i didn't like anything from garnier, the colour would never stay on and it would dry out my hair. I decided to try out syoss. What a difference! The colour stays super long, it doesn't dry your hair out and it's supercheap. Since i was so happy with the hairdye i bought the curl control mousse. Not so happy with this product, when i make some waves or curls in my hair, it only lasts for about 2 hours and then it just looks ridiculous. Also, i tried some of their shampoos a few times when i slept over at some friend's house who uses this product, and i must say i'm definitely sticking with my tigi shampoo (:

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