Makeup Forever - camouflage cream palette

I bought this in winter 2009, and i must say it's probably the best item in my makeupkit. I got the lightest pallet (n°1, for fair skin), but they go up to n°4 for dark skin. I think i paid 20 euros for it at expo Kortrijk, so i got a good deal on it. The pallet has 5 colours: n° 11, 13 and 14 are light concealers, n°15 is a peachy colour to hide dark circles under the eyes and n°17 is a green colour to hide redness. I wear the last two under my foundation and the first three on top of it (never in combination, one of the three will do), depending on what coverage i need. I only got to the bottom of the two lightest concealers and i use this stuff every single day so i really is worth your money. You can apply powder on it to set it on you face, but don't use too much of it or it will make lines under your eyes, but i find powder under your eyes always tend to do this. I think the key to this product is to apply very thin layers because since this is a cream, it can cake if you put too much of it on your face. Also, if you prime your face first, it will blend a bit better with your foundation. I really recommend this pallet, it will last you a very long time and has a great quality.

Also, i'm looking for a good foundation. I've been using a gosh one in winter (which im actually quite satisfied with) but now in summer time i've got this one from sephora and the stuff just doesn't work for me. It has this pump, and when you use it, a big clump of dried out foundation comes out of it (ewww). I'm thinking i want a mac one, or maybe a MUFE foundation. Any recommendations for foundations of these brands?


  1. Leuke blog!! Ik heb een concealer pallet van Make-up Studio die kan ik ook aanraden!

  2. die met de 6 kleurtjes in? trouwens, waar verkopen ze dat merk eigelijk? (;