NOTD: Catrice Lost in mud

First catrice nailpolish. Heard some good stuff about it so i decided i had to try it (2,50 euros each, supercheap). Wearing '220 lost in mud' in the picture. I put it on on thursday, and it's monday now so it's still in quite good condition. I did have to put on 3 layers before i got full coverage, so that part i did not like. It turned out a shade darker because of it but it's still quite nice. I also got '280 london weather forecast' and put it on my toenails, but so far i'm not a big fan.

I'm thinking about posting some LOTD's on here, as well as some other makeup looks i did over the last 2,5 years. Still not sure, since they will be made with photobooth most of the time. Every camera i get my hands on breaks ;( So i need a new one, and fast!
Photobooth quality:

Not the best quality, right? I did this for carnaval (february)

I also need a big mac or mufe haul, haha. I've been using mostly sephora products the last year, but i need an upgrade (and some new brushes, pierre cardin just doesn't cut it anymore).


  1. woow vette look!! We also want close-ups!! :D

  2. lost in mud was ook m'n eerste catrice lakje en vind ik nog steeds de mooiste!!

  3. I love the look...saw it on makeupgeek. It is gorgeous!!

  4. wow love the nailpolish color and your eyeliner is amazing!!you look gorgeous!! BTW I love the CC you r giving Barbiegirl on MUG. It is very kind and thoughtful of you. You are right..the only way to improve your skills to try new looks, great advice!