FOTD: I love kitties

I went to mac yesterday. I wanted one of those custom palettes of 4 eyeshadows, but they said i had to go to antwerp to get one of those, since they don't have it at maastricht. Boo. So i got some brushes instead which i'll review in my next post.
They saw me looking at these (gorgeous) purple eyeshadows and told me, if i could wait just a little longer, mac is coming up with a collection in fall which has a lot of purple colors. I got home and googled it, and saw they meant the mac feline collection. How psyched am i?! Everyone who knows me, knows I am totally (no seriously, i really am) OBSESSED with cats. I absolutely love the first part, which is palace pedigreed. It's more of a purple-pink line with some dark colors as well. I'm definitely getting the eyeshadow quad and maybe the bloodline pigment. The other parts are nice too, but i don't use those colors a lot.

Anyway, i really wanted to try my new brushes and decided to do a cat eye. I mainly used green and brown because i don't use them a lot, and i wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Note: this is not a wearable look, haha. Maybe if i'd tone the eyeliner and colour down a little.

Bad quality, i know. I'm probably getting a camera on monday.

My cat, Oli. Not so happy i woke him up, haha (;

meow =^x^= snooze xo

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