Shopping: New mac brushes

I picked up this set last thursday. The guy at mac said he wasn't supposed to sell them already, but since me and my friend both wanted the 266, he sold them to us anyway. They're officially in stores (in holland?) today. These brushes are not handmade, but they work just as well. Since i didn't already own mac brushes i thought this was a good set to start off with. It contains a 227, 212, 219, 266 and 275 brush. I think it was about 50 euros, so that's a cheap deal. So far i really like these brushes, especially the 219 and 266. I haven't used the 212 yet, since the 266 works fine for eyeliner. The 227 is nice for applying a base all over the lid very quickly, so i use that one every day too. I use the 275 for blending and highlighting. I think I'll definitely get some more brushes from mac, but first i need some eyeshadows, haha. I'm going to antwerp next week to pick up some more stuff, since they have more than the store at Maastricht.

Yes, i still need to clean them but i'm at work now so i haven't had the time yet ;p Also, this is like my everyday look; just a very neutral eye with some brown and eyeliner.

Have a nice saturday! xo snooze


  1. Ziet er goed uit! Tot nu toe heb ik alleen nog maar kwasten van de Hema (A)

  2. very cute! perfect for travel!

  3. I am drooling over those brushes!! What a good bargain for all those amazing brushes.