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My exams are finally over! Which means i finally have time to post some more stuff on here. Im actually sunbathing atm! (: i really want to get a bit tanned this summer, being pale shows a lot more imperfections on your skin and you look so much more healthier with a bit more colour.
Alright, back on topic. I got some stuff from Sweet Lemon for my birthday, which was in march. I used it a lot since then, so i might need to rush myself back to the store for some new stuff (; I got the shower gel, body crub, body butter and the lip butter.

Shower gel

No real difference from their other showergels. It has a sweet smell and makes you feel refreshed, really nice for on hot summer days. The bottle will last you quite some time, im almost at the bottom and ive had it for about three months now. I use it almost every day so it's worth your money.

Body butter

The package says it's for normal skin. This one is a little disappointing to me. It smells really nice, but the scent doesn't last long. It also needs quite some time for your skin to absorb it. I dont think ill be buying it again, i tested some of their other butters which work better for me.

Body scrub

This stuff feels awesome on your skin! It's smooth and it doesnt feel like you're scrubbing off your skin. It's just a soft scrub that's gentle for your skin. It contains lemon seed oil which moistures your skin and makes it super soft. Although i like it, i cant use it that much. Because it contains oil, it wont absorb my self-tanning product and will cause stains. Therefore i make my own scrub! I take some of the showergel and mix it with a lot of sugar and scrub my whole body with it, except my face. It makes my skin just as smooth, but without the oil.

Lip butter

I believe this is my favorite sweet lemon product. It's not sticky and it has a soft shine to it. It smells (and tastes, haha) like lemon-coke to me, but with an extra scoop of sugar. I own quite some body shop lip balms and butters, but i like this the most.

I love how Sweet Lemon smells, but a friend of mine got me a smaller set of Grapefruit, and i like that scent a little more. Also the body butter feels nicer on my skin, it just feels a little bit less sticky and it smells 10x more fresher than lemon! So, ill probably get everything grapefruit next time (read: next week, haha)

have a nice hot summer day!
snooze xo

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