Lush - Satsumo Santa bath ballistic

Another item I got at the Lush Christmas VIP. I almost didn't take this little guy home with me, but it just smelled too good not to. It reminded me of Fanta Pomelo! Nomnom.

I love how this ballistic looks! It's a big, plump jolly santa. Really cute. It mainly contains mandarin and bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute. Pretty sweet combo if you ask me. I smashed this little santa up in two pieces because I thought I'd be too big for just one bath. Too bad I was wrong! I already put half the santa in the tub, but I still didn't smell a lot of it. Okay, let's put the rest in it too. Nope, no success. I was so sad, because the ballistic on its own smelled SO DAMN GOOD, but no such thing in the tub. Blah. It did turn the water a bright orangey red, really looked nice! And as far as hydration goes, my skin was really smooth again, as always after a Lush tub.

- orange water!
- very smooth skin
- it looks so cute

- didn't had a strong smell
- so it also didn't linger on the skin
- no cool bubbly effects

Nope, I won't be repurchasing this one I'm afraid. I'm quite disappointed to be honest, I had great expectations because it's such a big ballistic. O well. If you still want to try it, you can get it at Lush for 4,95 euros. Be quick, it's a Christmas-only product.

Enjoy your lazy Sunday!


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  1. Dat is zo schattig.
    Natuurlijk heeft hij wel wat min punten. maar toch is die heel schattig.
    Liefs, xxx