Holiday wishlist!

The holidays are coming up, which means it's present tiiime! Yay! Every year my parents give me a budget to buy my own gifts with. How awesome is that? I really can't decide what I should get this year. Help me out here!

Some La Fille d'O goodies? I've been wanting this bra for so long now, but they we're out of stock so I bought another one. A month later, they were back in stock. Grr. And the shoes. They're perfection, they're also on my wishlist for a very long time now, but they're so damn pricey. Ouch!

Some MAC goodies? I think this is a perfect occasion to splurge at MAC. Can I have the entire store please? I would definitely get another customized quad, another paint pot and a lip product. I bet I can add another 5 products to this list, ha.

A perfume? This is something I refuse to pay a lot of money for. But when you get it as a present.. why not? I am a total noob when it comes to perfumes, but I love very sweet, fruity and light frangrances. Can anyone give me some options to ask for in the store?

Or maybe a new iPod? I'm still using my very first iPod, the one with the 2G on it. That's way too little! It still works perfectly, but I'd like to put some more songs on it.

Now I'm thinking: 'Get a big leather handbag'. I always have cheap bags that don't last me very long, so I'm in search of some nice brands to get a handbag from maybe.

Help me! What should you get, and more important: what are you putting on your wishlist?

clueless me.


  1. Nice! May your wishes come true =)))

  2. My family isn't doing presents this year because apparently we all have enough stuff (I am not in A girl never has too much makeup). Great list...hope it comes true.

  3. ps; so weird i wanted to post a comment on this post and it went on the other post..

  4. Mooie wichlist!! Heb je de nieuwe MAC tartan tale collectie al gezien? Misschien zitten daar nog wel wat mooie items tussen voor je! Ik ben helemaal in love met deze collectie!


  5. you have to click 'comments' ABOVE the article ;)

    @ suusie: zeker heb ik dat gedaan, er zitten echt leuke dingen tussen ja ;)

  6. Dat geurtje is zo lekker.
    Leuke wishlist.
    Liefs, xxxxx