Lush - Butterball ballistic

This is actually my first ballistic from Lush ever! I bought it at the Skincare VIP. I got this one because it's simple. No glitters or heavy colors, and the smell.. it's so creamy. It has simple ingredients, just cocoa butter and ylang ylang oil. It also contains some musk, the combination of the three is divine!

It contains little lumps of cocoa butter, which dissolve in warm water. You can actually see little bubbles of butter floating on the surface. Just stay in the tub for a little while, and it will leave your skin super soft. This is perfect when you don't feel like using a body lotion or butter.

- cheap
- vegan
- moisturizing

- fizzed up within 3 minutes
- smaller size of ballistic

Would I buy it again? Definitely. I love how simple it is, but I'm also curious for the more 'exiting' ballistics, but no glitter, please! ;D



  1. Het is echt een lekkere bruisbal. Ik heb geen bad. Dat is zo jammer. Liefs, xxxxx

  2. I must be the only person who likes when it fizzes quickly... I get all stressed out when it takes too long xD

  3. love lush products
    come follow xox