Too Faced - Natural Eye Shadow Collection

My friend bought this on our last shopping trip. She doesn't know all too much about makeup, but she needed something to use for an everyday look, or for making smokey eyes. So I took her to Sephora, they always have some sort of a pallet that's worth its money. And this one is no exception!

I love the packaging. I'd probably buy it myself if I didn't already have so many neutrals. The palette contains 9 eye shadows, 3 of them are highlighters. I love the names! They sound so sexy. It also had this little slider that contains a sponge applicator and an eyeliner brush in 1. I don't like this one though, it looks pretty cheap. On the side, you can pull out cards with 3 different looks on it, one daytime, one classic and one fashion. This is great for beginners!

I swatched the eye shadows on my skin, and pigmentation was great. I had to rub a tissue quite hard for it to remove. Sadly for my friend, this was not the case for her skin. I tried a look on her, but the eyeshadow just wouldn't stay in place. Luckily, Shadow Insurance was there to help us! I swatched again, and the eyeshadow was going nowhere. The pigmentation was even better! I love this stuff, haha. I needed quite a lot of remover for it to budge. I love all of the colors, except for Nude Beach, it's too grainy for me and it has a lot of chunky glitters.

From left to right: Heaven - Silk Teddy - Nude Beach
(Sorry I had to use this side my arm, the other side was too glittery!)

From left to right: Cocoa Puff - Honey Pot - Erotica -
Push Up - Sexpresso - Velvet Revolver

- 1 compact pallete is all you need
- great pigmentation
- pretty packaging
- great for beginners

- cheap applicator
- chunky and too glittery highlighter (nude beach)

Hope that helped!
xo Michelle


  1. Eeek, I was in Boots today and really wanted to get one of these. I deffo am going to when I get some more money. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Oh, supermooi palette!! Hele mooie kleuren

  3. wow wat een super gave verpakking ook!

  4. I've been eyeing this palette for some time, but I can't bring myself to buy it because I have too many neutrals like you. It's pretty! Glad it worked out with the shadow insurance.

  5. such beautiful colors! I have to check out on sephora :O

  6. Helped a lot. I almost bought it last time I was at Sephora but I opted for Too Faced Lashgasm and metallic eye liner instead. I know what I'm getting next time and I already use the shadow insurance (LUV it) so bonus! Thank you.