New: Eyeko polishes + last day to enter the giveaway!

I just checked out the Eyeko website for the fatbalms I'm wanting for quite some time now, and I spotted 2 new polishes!

Eyeko Military Polish
'Give yourself a medal for nailing Military Chic in just 2 coats with this gorgeous new khaki hue.'

I love it! I don't own anything like it so I'll definitely get this with my next order!

Eyeko Pastel Polish
'Dream of blue skies with this pretty baby blue shade shot with iridescent shimmer. Layer up for an opaque nail look or wear it sheer for a hint of a tint.'

It's back! I'm really curious how different it will look from Rain polish. So yes, also getting this one! For 4 euros, I can't be bothered.

What do you think of these new shades? Would you get these?

(Also, if you haven't entered my small giveaway yet, do it now! Last day (;!)

Enjoy your Monday!

xo Michelle


  1. i have the original pastel polish, loved the color, hated the formula, so YES i will be getting this!

  2. Oh wow!
    Shows how much attention I pay I haven't noticed!! Thanks for the heads up!! I hope that pastel polish isn't too much like 'rain' though!!

    Love J.

  3. I soooo want these!!!!! i luv eyeko nailpolishes..they have such pretty colors!!

  4. Oooh, I actually like the look of the military polish...Sludgy green that isn't too grey or brown :)

  5. That green looks like one of those love it or hate it colors...

    I want it.



  6. That khaki green colour is super on trend! Great find!